It's Lostprophets Guess which camera this came from game


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Feb 10, 2006
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Can you guess which camera this is from ???

jocose said:
one of yours I hope :lol:

LOL nope, can't say I've ever owned one of those cameras.
A broken one?
uhh uhh... I'd like to know the parameters of this :D
ok a few clues....

1. its a CCD and not a CMOS sensor

2. it has 6 million pixels

and in case you were wondering, the camera was drop when the owner fall over and landed on it
Is it a Kodak by any chance?.... (not even sure if Kodak make a 6mp camera tho?!)
Hey I've been a muppet ( whats new ) what I should of said was ...

its a CMOS and NOT a CCD

I hang my head in shame :er: feel free to tell your friends I'm a fool and a damn one at that

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