It's official - my d200 is on its way


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May 25, 2006
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I have been asking questions at different spots on here about cameras and wedding photography, etc., and just wanted to let everyone know that I did decide to go with a Nikon d200 and it is being shipped to me now. I'll post some pictures as soon as I get it.

I ended up feeling some cameras at some of the local shops and retailers, but didn't buy from them because the locals are either jerks or have skyrocketed prices. I think the Nikon is really gonna give me what I want with a lot of room to grow.

I've been reading a lot about SLR and PS because I was really pretty close to uneducated on both. The only thing I've done with an SLR before is manually focus and never even touched a DSLR until recently. It should be an interesting experience to learn all the ins and outs and I'm looking forward to getting bashed on here for 6 months or so - just remember that around 6 months is the cut off and you gotta start giving me some positive feedback when I get that far into it.

This is really just a thank you note for everyone who gave me advice. I kind of came into this thinking that photography was simple and the best thing you guys did for me was expose my ignorance to me. Thanks!

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