I've Bought a Lowepro Stealth 650, Good or Bad Choice?


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Mar 13, 2005
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Birmingham, UK
Hey All!

I havent posted on here in some time (a week, lol, seems like months though.) So thought I best get some reviews and opinons on something I bought tonight.

I did my research and throughly looked for a shoulder bag which I could place my laptop in, use for press photography and weddings.

So I found a bargain one in the sale for £89.99 with free postage. I bought a "LOWEPRO STEALTH REPORTER 650AW" (Picture Below)


But I want to know if I have made the right choice. :)
Lowepro is a great brand. I have couple of Lowepro models.

It all depends on what you need. If you think the bag satisfies your need, I don't think you'd need another opinion. :)
danalec is absolutely right (should probly just copy and paste this into every thread), all that matters is if it works for you. But I will second that Lowepro stuff is great, although I have no basis for comparison cause both my camera bags are lowepro...
I've got a few Lowepro bags and I love them. The AW rain cover is especally nice for when you get caught out in the rain.
Bags are even worse than tripods. Soon you'll have a closetful of them and none will match your needs exactly.

I just bought my fourth bag, Lowepro of course, and as Doc says, none meet all my demands. Maybe I need another one!
its a good bag for walking around, lowepro is are a good company and make quality products, but for weddings you will need more gear than you can fit in it
i need a new bag myself. already have a small lowpro but i'v got a new lens and it's way too big to fit anything else in with it. time for a newy!
i gotta plug for lowepro as well. i LOVE my lowe! it's perfect for my needs right now. (the key words being "right now".) but i love it nonetheless.
Lowepro make excellent camera bags :thumbup: .. I wouldn't be without mine.
Yes ive got a closet full already near enough. Ive got a backpack, the lowepro reporter bag and the lowepro harness etc. So my closet is pretty full! Ive spent £100's on bags I cant believe it. Oh well...
Ive got a small Lowepro too. But its not big enough for my stuff anymore. I can fit it all in, but its really crowded in there. Im affraid im gonna break my filters or something, cause its a really tight fit right now.
Guess i have to buy a new one soon, since im not done buying stuff for my camera yet :er:

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