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    Jackson Hole, WY
    Jackson Hole Workshops is pleased to announce it's summer 2008 schedule of photography workshops. Our workshops are for the beginner to advanced photographer, and all camera formats are welcome. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the workshops.


    Wyoming's Mountain Ranch Country with Jay Dusard & Jon Stuart, May 16 - 19
    Teton Field Workshop with Don Kirby, June 9 - 13
    Photographing Strangers with Jim Stone, June 24 - July 1
    The Contemporary Landscape with Keith Johnson, July 21 - 25
    Digital Black and White Landscape with Carlan Tapp, August 17 - 22
    Fall in the Tetons with Ed Riddell & Jon Stuart, Sept. 20 - 23
    Yellowstone Fall with Ed Riddell & Jon Stuart, Sept. 26 - 29


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