James Nachtwey, War Photographer


Iron Flatline

In case some of you didn't get the chance to watch this Oscar-nominated Documentary, here's a link to it.

War Photographer on Amazon

It's interesting to watch him work - and due to the micro-camera by the side of his head you really get to see him work - but if you're feeling sorry for yourself or where your life is going right now, watch the lives of some of his subjects. I haven't slept properly since I saw it three nights ago.
watched that the other week

yeah and I know what you mean about the people he was photographing, still can't believe that family was living between those railway tracks
OMG that was the worst segment. I hate my pillow, and have been meaning to replace it, and all I can think of is those people... it makes me realize how much I take pretty much everything for granted.

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