Jesus Christ!.........


Damn You!
Jan 21, 2006
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locked in the attic
Can others edit my Photos
Photos NOT OK to edit here! and he may have mercy on my soul.... but i doubt it. Anyway jesie (he hates being called that).... hope you like my portraits of you, even tho i have put them in the D/S gallery....:fangs: ......oh and thanks for the sky jesie....just at the right time ;)




...... and 1 in colour, just for fun...


Thanks for looking...... :)
Oh.....My.....Goodness. That first shot is breathtaking, with the pov and the dramatic clouds. That's an absolutely stunning series.
your title had me going there...

love these ...they are great..

archangel, since your up there, did you ask Him to pose for you???
I love how Jesus is on the dark side.
Another vote for that first shot!
Love that first shot. You use photoshop sor something? such a dark sky for a daytime shot. do tell.....

Nice series... I like them all but I have to agree with everyone about the first photo! The close-up in #3 is a close second.
you've presented the statue well as an image. i like your PS work as well!
Wow ArchAngel, These are absoloutely fantastic ! The pov in the first one is out of this world, awesome ! Just great everything. Well done.
Holy cow... schmokin shots Angel. All of these are amazing, but the first one rocks!!!
I have to agree with everyone else ... the first one is awesome ...but my favorite is the third. You can see the trauma on His legs ... awesome.

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