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still being picky Vicky
Feb 21, 2005
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Yay I have a job interview!!! in about 2 hours!! yay!!!

it's my second interview... only 2 of us left in the running... except I'm scared now. I just found out the other girl is a model and was Miss Indy (ie: very hot, big modelling competition in australia - means you get to stand on the Indy race track and waltz around all day)... and she already works for the company. :-( :grumpy: pfft.

Aaaand to make matters worse.. apparently the guy giving the interview (the boss) is a bit of a sleaze, so of course he's gonna pick the slutty, miss indy girl isn't he.? hehehe I'm not jealous. :grumpy:
im sure you could give miss indy a run for her money

Good luck!
ooooh... just did my hair.

that took forever. i couldn't decide how to wear it. :-(

Now the straightening iron has made me all hot... noooooooooo!!! Make up horror!!!!!1 ARGHGHGH!
Aren't models usually lacking in intelligence? :mrgreen:

I'm sure you've got better cleavage anyways. ;)

ohh and good luck! :D
clarinetJWD said:
You callin' Vicky a slut!? :p


lol, i realised it read like that when i read it back, but i couldn't be bothered to change it...
ahh... it was okay. It was over in about 10 mins. The guy was trying to put me under pressure... i think... and he was firing off the questions really fast trying to see how I reacted. But he said he'll get back to me by Wednesday. So it's looking good.

He read out my profile though from a bunch of personality tests I did last week and it was really really strange to see myself in black and white like that. Mind you, it was all twisted for that job. but still twas weird.
Hope you get it Meysha! Good luck! waiting for replys from interviews is always slightly nerve wracking.

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