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Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by Colortek, Dec 29, 2005.

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    Hi. I'm quitting my job here at Colortek Image World at the end of this week to return to school so there will be a job opening here for someone willing to work full-time and off the books. Rather than hire someone that's got no experience whatsoever when it comes to dealing with photography and development, I've decided to post here in hopes that my boss can find someone that has some experience. Someone with some actual experience in printing and developing is preferred of course and the more knowledge about photography you have overall, the better since it's important to be able to communicate with customers.

    At any rate, we have 2 stores in downtown Manhattan. One is in the World Financial Center and the other is at 71 Broadway, near Ground Zero and the NY Stock Exchange. I'm not sure which you will be assigned to if you do work at the company, but here's the contact information at any rate:

    Colortek Image World
    3 World Financial Center (Winter Garden)
    New York, NY 10281
    Tel: (212)945-0401
    Ask for Peter

    *Edit. The store at 3 World Financial Center is currently using a Digital Portal DKS-1500 while the store at 71 Broadway is using a Noritsu QSS-2301SM. So of course if you have experience printing from either of these machines, it'd be helpful.

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    Western N.Y.

    Here is a bump for you. I don't live in New York city, but how cool would that be.

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