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Jul 28, 2013
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Outside Peterborough, Ontario Canada
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Just saying hi having joined today. I have enjoyed photography since getting my first Pentax with the old thread mounts in the early 70's. I am all digital now and wish I had kept my old cameras which were lost in a move. I shoot only as a hobby and prefer nature and wildlife but am really thinking hard on trying some black and white urban scene photography.

I am looking forward to participating in the forum.
Welcome to the forum ...go Ontario!!!
Welcome to TPF, home of the $6.99 pint of grossly overpriced beer!!!
Welcome to the party!!
Welcome to the site.
[h=2]Joined from Ontario Canada[/h]
Was this compulsary or purely a volunteer act? Did they ply you with full flavored (and appropriately leveraged alcohol content) or that exceedingly smooth aged whiskey? Did they force feed you puutine? Do you have an abundance of the letter "U" at your disposal? Can you say "Muuuuse and Squirrrrrrel" in a broken German accent?

I kid. :biglaugh:

Welcome to TPF.
Hello and welcome to the forum!
Welcome from the Hanover/Durham area!
Im in Belleville area..
I'm north of Peterborough as well. Madawaska valley area.
Oooo I love that area, family in Omemee and Minden, and our cottage was outside Haliburton, I am hoping to take a day or two this summer and road trip the area :)

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