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Jan 31, 2012
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Hi everyone-- my name is Doug and I just found this forum. I've been into photography for a long time, but still consider myself a rank amateur/ hobbyist/ enthusiast or whatever you'd like to call it. My current DSLR body is a Canon T2i that I got for Christmas, replacing a Rebel XT, which in turned replaced my last film camera, the Elan IIe. Boy do I miss that eye-controlled focus-- I loved it! I wish Canon would reintroduce it into a digital SLR sometime soon-- I'd be all over it.

Anyway, glad I found the site and am looking forward to reading a lot, and maybe contributing a little from time to time. :mrgreen:
Hi Dough, I'm new here too so welcome to you...and welcome to me....:sexywink:
Thanks Charlie, and welcome damast.
Welcome aboard Doug.

I used to shoot with an old EOS 650 (the first ever EOS)...and I really wanted and Elan with eye control focus.
Welcome Doug - hang on to your old XT, it is like an old dog, but may come in handy now and then.
Welcome to the forum.
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome-- I like it here already.

Mike, I know what you mean. A lot of people thought the eye-control was gimmicky and couldn't get it to work right or whatever, but I thought it was the coolest thing EVAR.

Trever, I like that corner a lot- I moved here to south FL from San Diego.

Joey, yeah I probably should have but I needed the money, so I sold it today. :(

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