JPG Conversion Yields Lower Saturation in PS


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May 12, 2013
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I noticed the other day that when I convert my raw photos to JPG in Photoshop I the saturation level decreases. I tested it with the conversion software that came with my camera (a Sony NEX-7) and it doesn't do this, it looks much closer to the raw file. Here is an example. I've saved one as a JPG using the level 12 compression which should be the least compressed and largest file size and one converted from the raw with the supplied software.



I would like to be able to edit the photos in PS since it has so much more functionality, but I've had to save them as TIFF or PNG to retain the color. Is there a setting that can be changed in PS to eliminate this issue?
They're being rendered (saved out) in two different color spaces, per your EXIF data.

1st image Color Space: 65535 = Adobe RGB
2nd image Color Space: 1 = sRGB

In PS, when ready to save it out, use "Save for Web" and in the popup dialog, be sure that "Convert to sRGB" is checked.

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