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Jul 14, 2005
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What's up Jason? Did you already have a 2K thread? If so, I don't remember it :blushing: If not...congrats man!!

Boy...if you haven't had one, we really dropped the ball! You're already 60 posts past :p
I was wondering that myself and meant to check for a thread having previously been posted. Way to go JTH! Enjoy your awesome shots, and reading all your comments. Hate losing to you in trivia though. Looks like it's gonna happen again today, with you scoring that perfect 10 and all.
DUDE! So sorry we pooped out on ya!

I love your shots, especially the biggo rock (Cathedral, maybe?) ... and your comments are always so encouraging to others.

Plus, you have enough southern in ya to be one!

Keep up the posting, dude!

:sun: :drunk: :Joker: :wav: :headbang: :clap: :boogie: :smileys: :bouncy: :bounce: :cheers: :cheers: :band: :cheers: :cheers:
well done jason, keep posting those pics man, cheers :cheers:

thanks everybody, it's been a blast, i appreciate all your comments and inspiring photos... :thumbup:

I thought for sure i had snuck by... i was spamming it up in the nature gallery on monday... and of course the occasional word association ;)

Oh, and whatever Anty, i don't think you have anything to fear from me in trivia... i get lucky with a perfect 10 every once in a while, but too slow to compete with the master... ;)
:band: :cheers: Congrats JTH:cheers: :band:

Nice going man....Always appreciate your comments.
Lookin forward to the next 2000:thumbup:
wtg JTH :thumbup:

excellent having you around buddy!

yay Jason! :hugs: congrats!.. love having you here :cheer:
:cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
:wav: :wav: :wav:
thanks again everybody, glad to be here, thanks for sharing your comments and great photos... and i don't think anybody has anything to worry about on trivia today... :thumbdown:
Love your red rock shots, Jason! Always a pleasure to see your work.

Congrats on the big 2K - here's to the next few grand. ;)

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