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Apr 6, 2006
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The Mighty Midwest
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Our apartment:

Pretty neat... I think I'll have to try more later :)
haha nice! maybe we can start a whole trend like the multiple person in one photo trend :)

my only critique is that it looks like a nice day out, so you should have been outside taking pictures instead of inside.
Are there any free programs out there that can help you stitch? I've tried panoramic pictures before, but without any other resources but me, they've been pretty crude.
omeletteman - it was a beautiful day out, but i was baking cupcakes at the time, so I had to wait until they were out of the oven to head out on my walk... I'll probly be posting those pics later on this evening :) In the meantime, I shot an autostitch on our patio:
monicam said:
awesome place you got man..

i like your sofa..LOL

Thanks... but actually...

I'm female. :wink:

.. and our sofa is upstairs in our loft den :lol:
The first picture is here (for me) the best auto-stitch from whole forum (at the time) ;)

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