June-July 2020 Winner (Open/Reopen)


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Dec 9, 2006
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Congratulations to @zulu42 for "Open."

Congratulations !!!
All the images were excellent, but this one seemed to have a back-story of adventure and exploration, with a whif of aluminium, leather and aviation fuel.
Congratulations, I was actually quite sure that this photo was taken by you!
Zulu for the WIN! Congrats bud!
Thanks very much, everybody! I really enjoyed participating and seeing the other entries. My vote was for "scream" but all were creative and interesting.
A big thank you to @snowbear for administrating the contest. Thanks to all who participated, whether it was submitting a photo, voting, or just being part of this wonderful community where we all share the same love of photography.

This shot is a partially opened cockpit of a Pilatus PC-7. Looking past an open glove, through open hangar doors looking at the open sky. Everything was set up the way you see it except I arranged the glove to be an open hand.

First time I've ever won anything with a photo and it feels nice. Thanks again!
Thank you very kindly!

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