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    So I started my Wikapedia today and the random word of the day that came up with JUNK. It's definitions 7 & 8 that made me laugh a bit. Also for you cartoon geek's, I've never heard of def # 2 either.

    Junk may refer to:

    Junk (ship), sailing vessel of Chinese origin
    Junk (Transformers), fictional planet in the Transformers universe
    Junk (novel), by Melvin Burgess
    Junk (film), 2000 Japanese zombie film
    Waste, as in worthless material
    Hard drugs, junk being a slang term for that
    junk, slang for male genitals
    junk, slang for the amble rump of a female. "shake that junk", "junk in the trunk"
    Junk mail, unwanted post, see e-mail, spam and snailmail
    JunkMail, a classifieds paper in South Africa, facilitating free-ads for your unwanted junk


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