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Aug 18, 2010
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Just finished another E-Session in SF, I thought I share. C&C welcome :thumbup:










Love the second one--very creative!
In the first one, I find the big white space right next to his head very distracting.
Like the bridge shot.
Too much going on in the last one, for me. The shoes are too hidden behind the little Hello Kitties; they look like they weren't really supposed to be there (imo). And while I realize the dogs are theirs, it looks like they are just wandering around in the picture and my eye is drawn to them instead of to the couple in the background.

On a side note: I opened this because I saw the title "E-Session." I thought it meant Electronic Session...like E-mail, E-vite, E-card...and I couldn't figure out how you'd do a photo shoot of someone via the internet!! A Skyped photo session just didn't seem like it would end well. :lmao:
I like the use of the parasol but think it might look better framed square? Nice set Raian.
Dude.. go easy on the vignette.

I love #2. Next time you do this again, move the umbrella at a different angle so you get a better shadow so the heads are not as big
I like #4 the best other than the vignette

Also, it is not that hard to get attention of a dog. Just jump around and make funny noise, the will look at the camera.
Mods. Can you please move this thread to the new critique galleries. I didnt know there was one. Thank you.

I still consider myself new so that's why I post on here to get some honest feed back to improve on. Those crituqes is important because another person view is different from you own, and they will see mistakes to help you correct yourself next time.

First time shooting animals so I didn't know how to get their attention, thank you for the advice.


Schwettylens, hope this is better.

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You can stick with the old processing. I just thought the vignette was a little too heavy. I typically dont like to use vignette when I am showing a lot of sky because theoretically the sky doesn't look like that.
@traveler Yes it is, my first time photographing there. I'll also be filming a wedding ceremony there next month, very excited.

@MrsLittle San Francisco is my favorite city. It has urban city life, diverse mix of people, beautiful architect, so many beautiful scenery, and landmarks. You're going to love it here. Whenever you itch to go take pictures, you don't have to worry to drive far or keep driving to one location to another, you can just walk with a camera a few blocks and you get to take so many beautiful pictures.

@sm4him lol skype session would be interesting. Thank you for your critiques. I now do see the big bright hole in the 1st picture, I will go see if I have another angle. I took this yesterday and went home and edited right away to show them a sneak preview so I was scanning through pictures in LR and pick one I like and edit it.
I also like the idea in #2 but it needs better composition.
*moving to Professional Gallery*
I assume e-session is a form of professional photography.

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