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Feb 29, 2012
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Greetings photo people!
New to the site, or course, I'm not a pro photographer, but I am an in the flesh film student in Los Angeles. Already, I have found so much useful information in the short time that I have been checking everything out.

I have 7 toy cameras, 135 and 120. 1 older Minolta GM-X, i believe... And a couple quick point and shoot's for the better half. I've been hard core for about a year, And I love it beyond any other hobby I have ever had. I know I am brave enough to have fun with experimentation. My crazy OCD makes me super organized and all documenting. (although I will just end up getting frustrated and forgetting to maintain proper techniques. ha ha

Any ways.

Alright kids this is my stop!

--hollywoodpunk, lomographer

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