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May 2, 2006
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this is one of my first portrait pictures. We were on a trip to a mountain and stopped to take a few pictures..

Hallo Icebucket, and welcome to ThePhotoForum.
This is a very nice portrait, and since it was your first attempt at really taking a planned portrait of someone, I suggest I move this over to our Wedding and Portrait Forum for the experts on the subject matter to see it, ok?
I must say that I personally like it and that I find the skin tones very pleasing. The diffuse light was much to your advantage in not creating any deep shadows, so even the white of her t-shirt is exposed right. Very good.

But that is just me. An amateur.
Let the experts speak, ok? :)
thanks.. i didnt really know where to put it.. so i just kinda posted it on the general gallery to be safe :)

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