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    Here is a quick picture from my crappy 2 mega pixel camera.. its a really crappy camedia all in one thing... but, im saving up for a Canon EOS 10 D (your views on this camera are welcome, and your recommendations.. thanks) ..

    anyway, this is a quick flick of a 1 foot trench on the side of snowdon mountain in wales (uk)... i nelt down and placed the camera as low as possible.. wish i had a better camera with a lens and some features so i could get a better effect.. but hope you can get the idea :confused: ..

    also, if anyone is selling a good digi slr please let me know.. i really want one. i have some money saved up... also, i have a zenit 11 film slr with a 35mm lens, 50mm lens and a 180mm lens.. and i am in love with it.. only cost me £5 .. what a bargain... i havent scanned any pictures to my computer yet...

    here are the pics.. also i found one of a river i liked at th bottom of snowdon:

    warmest regards, Shaun


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