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May 18, 2006
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Hey all, just an other noob question regarding the darkroom.

I am wanting to develop a roll of Ilford HP5 with Ildord Ilfotec LC29 at 1+19. I'm looking at the details on the film box, and have found my developer and concentration but there are columns (eg. 250/50, 400/27, 800/30) that contain different developing times and I'm not sure what they represent.

Thanks again
the first number in each set is the iso. the second number is the din (primarily used in germany).

hp5 has a box rate of 400. i'll assume that you shot it at 400. use the first number in each series.

if you shot it at 400 you should be: 6.5 minutes at 20c at your dilution (1+19)
I am now wanting to develop a much slower film Ilford PANF which is ISO 50 with the same developer Ilford Ilfotec LC29. But the inside of this box has a smaller list of developers and doesnt include my developer. Does this mean that I need a different developer to develope slower films? Or should I just keep it in there for longer?
Forget that, found it on the Ilford site

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