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Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by bapp, Dec 24, 2007.

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    Dear moderators and webmaster for TPF,

    I am a new member of the forum and I am very happy to be here however I do have a certain gripe.

    Before I start I wish to make it clear that I am in no way attempting to disrupt the style of the forum or upset anyone. I just feel that something needs to change.

    The problem I have is simple. It attains to the section called Photographic Discussions. When I clicked on It for the first time I expected to find a multitude of interesting threads on photographers and their work. This certainly is not the case. Instead we find things like:

    How do I promote sales for this Cage Fight?
    Why is my local camera store so much more expensive?
    Finally getting rid of the 18-55mm kit lens
    Why buy a Mac?
    Different exposure...different skin tone?

    Again I stress it is not my intention to upset the people who have started these threads but should they really be in a section called photographic discussion??

    This is the description of the section:

    "A place to discuss what photography means to you: your influences, ethical challenges, abstract ideas, and other non-technical matters about photography and photographers".

    This description sounds fantastic but unfortunately we do not get what it says on the tin!!

    Ok enough rambling, I am simply asking for one of two things.

    1. This area is checked and cleaned up and turned back into what it was originally intended for.


    2. A new area is created, for people like myself wish to discuss Photography, Photographers and Inspiration.

    I hope my message gets across and I hope we see some change for the better.

    Please, any comments welcome for ideas and support.



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