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    Hey everybody! I'm Natalie Learman and i was wondering if you guys could help me out a little here..
    You see, I'm a sophomore in high school and my English teacher asked me to write a career paper. I really enjoy taking pictures so I chose photography for my career. I have a survey that I would like for you to fill out for me to help me along with my assignment. I would appreciate it a lot if you filled this out for me and got it back to me by the end of the week. My email is lil_wolf14@hotmail.com. Thank you all so much!!

    1. What got you interested in this line of work?

    2. What do you like about your job?

    3. What do you dislike about your job?

    4. What advice can you give to somebody interested in this career?

    5. Please describe a typical day on the job for me.

    6. Do you work one project at a time or are there several?

    7. Do you have to attend meetings of any kind?

    8. Do you have to work specific hours inside a company or office?

    9. Do you work directly with your clients or does somebody else take care of it?

    10. What packages do you offer?

    11. What are some of the 'usual' things/packages asked for by your clients?

    12. Are you required/expected to be involved in the community or its activities?

    13. If so, do you attend them or do you send somebody else?

    14. Do you freelance? Or are you employed by a business?

    16. How responsible are you for your equipment?

    17. Are you responsible for obtaining clients? Keeping in touch with contacts? Or expanding the clientele?

    18. When do you reach the head of the company/business? Are there a certain number of years you have to be working there? Or is it time based or performance based?

    19. What is a reasonable starting salary for a photographer?

    20. Are there possibilities of advancing in the company/business quickly?

    21. Are bonuses offered? What about profit sharing?

    22. Are insurance plans offered?

    23. Are you allowed to take sick days? When? How long?

    24. Are personal or vacation days allowed? When? How long?

    25. Are there any other interesting facts that you'd like to tell somebody interested in this career?

    26. Can you relate an interesting experience youÂ’ve had and what you learned from it?

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