Just back from Colorado (WARNING: lots of pictures)

David A Sercel

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Apr 11, 2005
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Florence, Alabama
Hi, I just got back from a week in Colorado for my sister's wedding. I was born there but my family moved to Tennessee when I was about five, and my sister moved back a few years ago.

We stayed for a few days after the wedding so that we could do some sightseeing, here are some of the pictures from the trip:

This is Mt. Sopris, elevation of around 12,000 feet. We stayed with some friends of ours who live at the base of it on the right hand side.

We were going to climb it, however, as you can see in the next picture, when we had hiked about four miles up a snow storm parked itself around the top half of the mountain (although the rest of the sky cleard out nicely) so we were unable to:

These next few are of the Thomas Lakes which are located about four miles up Mt. Sopris, and were as far as we went.



And these are a few shots from the hike back down when it cleared up:


Hays Creek Falls:

Bear Creek Falls:

A miscellaneous waterfall:

Next are some shots from the hills at the base of Mt. Sopris, just a couple minute hike from where we were staying:


This next photo is looking down on the Crystal River Valley (it was taken from right above the house where I was born):

This one was taken from the bottom of the Crystal River Valley looking up it. The mountain you can see in the distance is Chair Mountain:

This is a shot of the Crystal River near the town of Marble:

Beaver Lake (I don't know what the name of the mountain is):

We also went up to the Maroon Bells (which since the gate at the bottom was closed to car traffic ended up being a twelve mile hike).

Here are some shot from the hike up to the Bells:

(You can see Pyramid Peak, which is off to the left of the Bells, through the trees in this one)


And here is a close-up of Pyramid Peak:

And here are a couple shots of the Maroon Bells:

It clouded up while were were actually at the top where the best view is, but on the way back down it cleared up so I was able to get some good shots from a distance.

And finally, this is a shot of some Aspen trees (I can't remember the exact location):
OMG, what a bee-YOO-tiful spot!!! You have so many stunning pictures in that series...the first one, the first waterfall picture, the lake through the trees etc etc. Thanks so much for sharing these.
What a brilliant series. I really like 1, 3 and 7. Nice job and thanks for sharing these. I am quite suprised there has not been more comments.
wow, great series... there are some really great shots in there. i love the falls and the reflection shots. I love the dark blue skies too. the first one looks a little grainy, maybe neatimage could take some of that out of the sky... thanks for sharing... :thumbup:
Great series...reminds me of Alberta.

I think my favorite is the last one, in the grove of trees.
Big Mike said:
Great series...reminds me of Alberta.

I think my favorite is the last one, in the grove of trees.

It's true, these pictures remind me of last summer when I took a two-week trip to go hiking with my aunt and uncle in Banff and surrounding. The mountains and lakes are just like Lake Louise! :mrgreen: Nice series
Colorado is truly an amazingly beautiful place! My aunt n uncle live there and my dad just went there last week for a for days for his vacation time to see his sister(my aunt). Ive been there like 3 times. Do u know how far those mountains in your pictures are from Canon City, Colorado?...thats where my aunt n uncle live which is close to the Royal Gorge Bridge and Pike's Peak.. Anyways awesome pictures, keep up the good work.

Edit: nevermind i looked on Map of Colorado and Marble from one of your pictures is closer to Aspen and on western side of Colorado, whereas Canon City is south of Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak on Eastern side of Colorado. Nonetheless, awesome pictures.
Wonderful series!! Too many images to critique individually though…

My faves are:
“A miscellaneous waterfall” Very nice water veiling and composition. Might it be possible to crop out some of that bland sky at top of frame?

The image shot from the road. Awesome!! I love this composition.

The image of the aspens. Again great composition! Nice use of a wide angle!

Spectacular scenery in the Colorado Rockies (I grew up in Colorado), you have captured it very well!

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