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How often do you visit ThePhotoForum.com?

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Mar 9, 2003
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Hi all,

I was just curious how frequently most of you visit this site, is it daily, weekly, etc?

Please take a moment and complete the poll when you have a chance!

More than once a day depending on the time on my hands, which is usually quite a bit. As I said once before, I need to click more shutter and less mouse.
im required to chat with my hubby on yahoo while he's at work :p .. so im on a few times a day, if im not out picking up groceries or doing laundry, or the dishes, or... u know the drill :lol:
Definately multiple times a day. There is a fair amount of down time at work so I surf a LOT.
How many forums do you visit Chase? For me I post regularly at about 4 and read 3 more.
There are three that I regularly participate in...and a few others I wander by occassionally. Don't really post much on any of them, but I visit them fairly regularly.
Yeah, I do way more visiting than posting. I just need the reading material.

This has turned into my main community though. I post here far more than any other.
I have bookmarked about seven and participate in three. I need to shoot more film. I'm not getting any younger.
Well I voted for multiple times a day, but depending upon how bored I am, like nukie, I often hit the refresh hoping for fresh posts and something to respond to... :D

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