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Mar 27, 2006
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dsp921, you wanted an opinion on the Nikon 17-55 DX, here it is. I like this lens very well. I was able to play with it all weekend and really put it to the test at the pool. Not that I know what I am doing, as I am still trying to figure out the camera and photography. Here are a few shots I took with different settings. I did not manipulate in photoshop other than crop so you could come to your own conclusion. I did find that shooting in Program is not worth it in bright sun, poolside, unless you change a few settings. Here they are.
Shot with shutter at 1/320, F/8.5 exp +1.3

This one shot in straight program, no adjustments. Shutter 1/800, F/4.2 exp. +1.7. I don't like this one as the girl is way too blown out I think. THe rest of the colors look good.

This one is shot in bright sun as were the others. Shutter 1/640, F/10 exp. 0.0. Not too bad really.

Again, bright sun. Shot at shutter 1/640, F/9 exp 0.0. Seems ok, but like the others, a little photoshop will really help.

This one was shot as the sun was setting. Not cropped, just resized. Shutter 1/160, exp 0.0, F/6. They were in the shade.

Like I said, I was using different settings and playing. So far, I think this is a great lens. It is a fairly fast lens to focus and has a good wide angle. I am sure these shots would be better if I knew what I was doing as far as camera settings. I like this lens, but the 1 thou plus price tag is a little bit of a deterent for me.
I can tell you, these were shot with a Tiffen 77mm HAZE-1 filter and a HB-31 hood, the sun was behind me. The lens is really not that heavy and easily held. It has a manual and auto focus switch that is not in the way. I did find myself holding the lens by the focus ring a few times, took a little while to get used to holding different.
I guess to summerize, I really like the lens. If I were not in the market for a nice zoom like a 80-200 or 70-200VR, or a 105 micro/macro, this would be one I might purchase. This is the main lens my wife uses at her work. She swears by it. She does mainly portrait stuff and no "action" shots. I found it to be very good in low light with a F/2.8.
So there you have it, go buy one.
Thanks Coralguy. Good shots. I appreciate the info and review of the lens. I think this lens is next on my list. I got the 70-200mm VR last month and love it. I should probably let my credit card rest a bit before I get this one, hopefully I can control myself. I shot a prom for a friend of mine's daughter over the weekend and this lens would have come in very handy with the wide angle and fast glass.
Thanks again

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