Just got my Nikon N80 today..


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Dec 14, 2007
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Well I have had the Camera for a few days but just got the lens in just in time. I am really surprised that it came in but anyways I have a dumb question about film. Everyone is saying the camera I got might have been good and cheap but I will be paying out the ass for Film. Mostly the developing of the film. I thought some places only charge you for the photos that you want to keep. Do any places still do this and if you only take like 4 pictures out of 24 are they going to charge you or get pissed? About how much does it cost you to get an entire 24 roll develope and where. Do they let you pick the ones you want? Any advice on not spending a ton of money while learning all of the functions on my camera?
Yeah my first 20 shots are not right because I had the focus area set wrong lol. I am thinking about just tossing the roll.
You don't mention what type of film you're using but...

If you want to shoot negative film, I would think that you could find a lab that will develop the film and make a proof sheet at a reasonable cost. Or...

Try shooting E6 slide film (Ektachrome or Fujichrome) and get yourself an inexpensive slide viewer. You'll be able to view the photos without the expense of printing negatives. (It's pretty difficult to tell what you've got from a neg.) I'm not sure, but I think that I pay about 8 bucks for developing and mounting a roll of 36. There's a lab near where I live that does same day turnaround, which helps.

Of course, it will be more expensive to make prints from slides than from film, but if well done, they turn out better in general.
It's a single sheet with all the photos from a roll printed in "thumbnail" size. They used to be called "contact sheets" because the negs would be laid directly on top of the paper (usually 8x10), which was then exposed for printing. I think they're mostly done digitally nowadays. Anyways, then you just need a magnifying loupe to look at the photos, because they're very small. It should be cheaper than than printing every photo 4x6 or whatever.
Oh wow so I can pay 2 or 3 bucks for one of these proof sheets and if there are some I like I can then tell them I want a full print?
Oh wow so I can pay 2 or 3 bucks for one of these proof sheets and if there are some I like I can then tell them I want a full print?

Yessir. That's the idea. Probably 2 or 3 bucks in addition to the cost of developing the film. It should be substantially cheaper than paying for a bunch of 4x6s that you don't want, especially if you're shooting rolls of 36. Good luck! (And Merry Christmas!)
contact sheets, cheaper! stick with a low iso film. great camera! tmax film, for example is expensive for positive of say 4x6s. get a contact sheet which is basically the role of film...
diagram with negative:
[][][][][] -little tiny positive pictures
[][][][][] on one sheet. it's handy.

that's actually a good question about film, it's good to hear some people still shoot with it.
And if you're lucky and have a Wal-Mart or Sam's close by, you pay for only the developed pictures you want. I don't remember even being charged for developing the film.

Check it out...........

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