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    My favorite thing to photo is reptiles and nature so I like to get out with my camera and get pictures when I can. I have some great venomous macros. I have a D40 a 50mm 1.8, 24 2.8 wide macro, and a 70-300 tamron. I use these manual because D40 willnot focus with these. My next camera I want to get is a D90 and I would like to get a ring flash. I also would like to get some more people shots since I photo plants and animals so much. Be nice to see what I can learn here and what my next lenses will be. I want a 12-24 maco but they are pretty expensive for me while this economy is killing our market here. The camera is a great way to get through some of this down time in the economy until it picks up again. I hope to maybe make money with a camera at some point but it seems everybody wants to do that now.


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