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    Hello everyone!

    I've just recently started re-familiarizing myself with photography as a hobby, having acquired a Nikon D70 that a friend sold me for next-to-nothing when he upgraded to a D90.

    At least in my own opinion, I think I do a fairly good job composing shots, but where I really need to improve is in seeing the details; I've seen it referred to as looking in to the viewfinder instead of looking through the viewfinder. I tend to take some nice shots that I'm not as happy with as I would have been if I'd thought to ask someone to remove their watch, or noticed the huge tree stump breaking up an otherwise lovely background.

    Of course, most of my shots are rather spontaneous and so some of those things can't be controlled, but still, having that eye for details is something I'm working on.

    Here are a couple recent shots. The first is a picture of my daughter - this was semi-candid at the park. In retrospect I wish I'd used a fill flash.


    This one is my wife - we actually went to a park specifically for me to take some photos of her, but unfortunately we got there a lot later than we wanted to and I only had 5-10 minutes to take some shots. I haven't spent a whole lot of time on PP yet but this particular attempt may be a little heavy-handed.


    I look forward to sharing more photos with you all!


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