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Jul 4, 2013
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Hi, I'm Fred and just some dude with a camera.
Quick history.

A while after I moved to Indonesia, some silly twit asked me to post a photo so I used my cheap point and shoot to snap one.
I got asked for more and I went a bit crackers so I now have a collection of 13,461 depicting bits of life in Indonesia.

The shots were taken with a variety of camera phones, then moving up to things with better lenses than a compact and on to my latest, a Fujifilm HS50.
I didn't want an SLR because I need a camera that I can point and shoot in a wide variety of conditions without setting anything up.
That in mind, I leave the camera on continuous shot at its maximum rate and hope I see the right thing at the right time.
I snap away with hope and a prayer and, just from time to time, manage to get something reasonable.

I'm not a pro and probably never will be but I love wandering around, trying to find interesting subjects for my little hobby of street photography.


and my first and only attempt at an artistic shot


I may ask amateurish questions that experienced photographers will think are silly.

However, if anyone knows how to make money from street shots of Indonesia, I'd love to know.
Welcome to the site.
Welcome to the forum Fred!
So far; so good.
I'm reading far more than I'm posting and I'm realising how good other people are and how little I know.
However, on the bright side, the forum is very informative and I'm learning a lot.

Cheers all.

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