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Mar 8, 2007
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So I'm trying this again, becasue the first time i tried to post these images a flame war followed and i got almost no real comments on the images themselves, so we're going to do this completely nonbiased this time, and i would ask if erave designs, and dslr noob please do not comment on this thread.
So if you get popular photography magazine, you recieved a very nice large Nikon D3 poster with the camera and a really cool flower/sunburst effect type thing happening behind it made of more cameras. So i got to thinking, "man, its too bad this wasnt a sony poster" (since i shoot sony, not nikon). But i put the poster up anyway becasue hey, a camera is a camera right? Anyway, i used this poster as my inspiration to create the sony flavor of it. Let me know what you think!



and the original for comparison-
2nd one is the best. But i dont find the orange to be the best suitable color. But otherwise, good job. I know this probably wasnt an easy picture to create
in reguards to the orange, i was trying to minic sony's orange color that they put on some of their lenses, as well as the alpha logo (which almost looks red in the picture) what color do you think would have been better? just black?
well, since im not really a sony owner i had no idea what the orange stood for, you know? So to another sony fan orange might have been awesome. And with you explination i dont see why the orange wouldnt work. Although, from a person who might see this and might lead them to buy a sony, i would probably want to see black, maybe white. But it still looks good, and way better then my skills, and i still like it.
really cool video, shows some of the orange i talked about-
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well, its on youtube, so if you just search sony a700, and look for the video with a picture of some sunflowers, thats the one most likely. it makes the camera look SO sweet. lol
I just received my Popular Photography magazine today. I thought these photos looked liked something I seen before. They are pretty cool!
I got the same photo using a MINI in my email this week. I guess a cool idea catches on quickly.

great job.
Really fine work. I like them a lot
well, if any sony users want a copy for a desktop wallpaper or anything, PM me and i can send you the link. (they're on my server)

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