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Feb 15, 2006
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New England
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www.diphotography.carbonmade.com I know this is just a stock site but I feelit looks nicer than flickr or photobucket. Let me know what you think of the shots there are about 35 between the 4 albums and I dont expect you to look at them all but if any stick out good or bad let me know.
ok then i was only going to look a one set BUT they are really really good.

love the landscape ones of boston. i would like to pick out a couple but couldnt..

is it free to set up a website like that [same as flickr]
or not
Yeah its free for 5 sections and 35 images.You can pay $12/month for something like 500 images but for 12/month you can have a website hosted, Im going to get a real site up soon but in the meantime this will serve as a place I can direct people to if they want to see my work.
could you give me a link or address to go to to set up a site like yours and can you constantly change your images?
Go to carbonmade.com follow and the free link.
all done and started up mine. only put 3 pics on to get it started.

thanks for the link its great.

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