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May 9, 2005
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New York
Hey, I just wanted to thank everybody for all of their help on this forum. Just last may I was asking a question about how many exposures a roll of film holds. You all have been a great help and have helped me in my journey of the wonderful hobby of photography. Sorry if this is irrelevant to this section of the forum.
Last May?

53 posts?

Where have you been? :lol:

Great place isn't it? :thumbup: I subscribed simply on the basis of all the information and knowledge I have gained from TPF!:D (and to get into the "secret" forum to spam away and follow the insane plots! :lol: )
Holy crap! You've got about 2,000 more posts than I do! Well, the reason I only have 53 posts is, well actually there are several. 1. Half of the questions I have are already answered. 2. Im not very good at answering questions 3. I enjoy reading what other people have to say! Ive been on here a lot more now, so maybe I can rack those posts up to 100 by next December ;)

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