K-01 is it that bad?

Discussion in 'Pentax Cameras' started by Dragster3, Sep 4, 2017.

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    Ooh...can I play?

    I love my K-01. Dunno why...I can understand all of the arguments against it (was expensive, big for what it was, lacked some features that could be had around the same price etc etc)...but a mirrorless K-mount camera!!! C'mon!!

    I really like the looks...this seems to go against general opinion though.

    I don't have any other camera with focus peaking, and I really like this. I have a K5ii...and now wish I had the K3 just for focus peaking.

    All that said, I don't really use it a whole lot. I added a battery grip to my K5ii though, so now the K-01 appears to be more compact than it was :) , but really, vs my K5ii sans grip, it's not that much smaller. I take it with me on bike rides though, and it tends to be the camera I pick up for pictures around the home. I leave the DA 40mm LTD on it most of the time, and have it stowed in a small camera bag together with a DA 21mm LTD. I think it's a nice little setup.

    I had read about the program dial cap falling off. After I got mine I gave the dial a gentle tug, and off it came. I glued it back on and it feels very solid now (oops...maybe it will be permanently attached now)!

    It has taken some nice portraits, but doesn't seem up with my K5ii in general photo quality. I wonder if the extra bits in the K5ii files make it a little more forgiving - I can still get detail out of underexposed shots in Aperture.

    Anyway, bought my K-01 used, and it was in excellent condition with few shots taken. Bizarrely, it came with a 55-300mm zoom attached to it - feels like a very odd lens to whack onto this camera and misses the point I think. Then again, you may say that the K-01 misses the point entirely. I still love it.


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    I like mine a lot. But why did they have to make it so ugly? And why couldn't there have been an accessory digital viewer?

    It is a bad choice for action shots, and I can't imagine using a 300mm lens on it. But for what it's good for, it does very well, indeed.
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