K3MK 3 video

Looks imminent...

Crap. Guess I'll buy the damn thing. :nonchalance:
Man, I hope so! The delay is downright frustrating!
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It's probably the supply chain. Even major car OEMs are having supplier issues resulting from the pandemic.
I know. I tried to order a new touring kayak from our local dealer and there are none of any make I want being made/shipped. He was told "maybe in September". Went to the REI catalog...same thing.
Well, there went $2000 :apathy:
I didn't get the grip right now because I so seldom ever use them... But as I have a grip for every camera I own that can take one, it's only a matter of time, I suppose.
Don't feel bad, just ordered mine through Adorama....Silver, body only. I've several of the batteries for my K7 already, plus the charger, so I'll hold off on the grip also.
I'm hoping the older batteries will work. The K-3iii battery has the "e" designation. and they probably remember the number of cycles and other diagnostics. I'm thinking the camera can likely display this info. But surely the older version batteries will power it just fine...
I ordered a silver body as well.
I'm waiting on the new full frame, such a beautiful camera.
Save your pennies :).

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