Karen from Australia saying "Hi" and a (very) brief intro



:sun: open with some good Aussie sunshine - break the ice

Am a happy mobile phone camera snapper and have developed a type of pictorial or the places I regularly visit in my town since finding joy in capturing what I see with my mobile phone. About 5 years worth of images often of the same thing evolving from 1.2MP to 5MP with minimal adjustment post-processing. Like to show what I see.

Love nature and started getting some pleasing pics of sunrises at the beach or our local wetlands, and of the same (heapsandheaps) Moreton Bay Fig Tree in one of our public garden areas. These files are bulging :lol: A bit if macro, flower shots and insects, the local fishing jetty and a few randoms here and there.

Time to reach out, get some feedback and check-out other members work, read hints and tips for beginners and perhaps one day get that awesome DSLR that people who see my photos keep saying I should. One day. . . . . . might not get what I get off the cuff like I do and some of the amazing feedback that is given to me along the way. They might be crap :smileys:

Look forward to getting to know and utilise Photo Forum's offerings and members - there's so much here.

Baahahaaaaa - just noticed that I'm a Noob! Feeling the love already, thank you Photo Forum.
Hello! I'm also from Australia too!

I have seen some nice shots from Iphones.. not so much other phones. Look forward to seeing your work.

We do tend to be very honest here... and there are some very knowledgable people. We are also DLSR/SLR centric.. so you may be at a slight disadvantage. If critique is harsh (in your opinion), please keep in mind that it is probably intended to be helpful! :)
Off to a good start by losing my reply, so here's a condensed version.

Hello my fellow Australian Noobs ;) look forward to catching up.

Harsh, brutal, straight-forward and honest critique is one of the reasons for signing-up, seeing the best that is out there and additional learning material as it seems I've got the basics of it from what I've seen is suggested for beginners - it's what I see even though that sounds a bit egotistical hey.

Consistently and over sometime now, pics and albums I post to my Facebook profile get the most amazing comments, sometime disbelief that it's my mobile phone, but I'm not quite convinced so am travelling further afield. Probably my own worst critic, and pretty fussy with the pics I've posted on FB so perhaps I do have the 'eye' and 'talent' and need to explore the possibility that I 'should do something with it' amongst those that have done this quite successfully.

Perhaps my slight disadvantage can be alleviated by donated goods or sponsorship toward the Rising of this Photographic Phoenix from the ashes that were mobile phone pics :lol:

But for now, they're just photos of things that capture my eye captured by my phone as I'm out capturing the moment which I like to share.

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