Kayakking - a hobby for the more 'mature'?


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Jun 1, 2006
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Caught these (and about 150 other shots currently being edited:)) the other day, loved the 'spunk' of the old guy as he got washed onto shore regularly....and one of the female instructor. It was an overcast day unfortunately, these from memory were shot at around 1/640 F9 ISO320 with the 70-200. I know the composition is tight but wanted the faces..:)


Don't apologize for the tight crop here - I love it. I think these are very exciting! You have caught not only some good whitewater action, but the concentration on their faces. :thumbup:

The overcast day helped you here; you might have struggled with deep facial shadows in bright sun.

Nice work! Welcome to TPF. :)
They will have to put some training wheel side floats on those before I try it. LOL

I like rafting though.. I would think it is quite a bit easier.
You caught two excellent moments here. As stated, the expressions on their face and the 'splash' makes the shot.
I must say, after trying kayaking twice, my respect for those who do it for a hobby/sport has gone way up.
Thank you....I have tried sea-kayakking myself and the balance is the most difficult to get right......I hope to see a lot of interesting photos on this forum...and of course to learn...:)

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