Kelly Bradley Family Portrait

Dude.. the girl not looking at the camera (#3) is not acceptable IMO. It is your job to get their attention. Or take a lot of frames and move one head to another frame so everyone is looking at the camera.
I have to agree with Robin and as well, clone that branch growing out of her head in #1. Other than that? Nice set.
agreed on the comments, I'll PS the branch out and look through what I can find on the little girl's face. She was having a problem at that point. Thanks yo
Very nice collection of the pics. The babies are looking gorgeous and the place is really very beautiful and please share more images of your tours.
They look like a fun family! The last one made me smile. In #1 the front girl's skin tones are looking really dark and a bit green.
Number 1 is an easy fix and looks great. The last one is an excellent capture.
Ya there was some grass reflections going on and I shot in sunlight with that one so there was shadow type stuff I was working around. Could have spent more time on the face color balancing I am sure. Thanks for all the comments.
#3, you posed them on a slope, and it shows.

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