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Aug 14, 2010
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Awakairangi, Aotearoa
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I'm currently studying photography at vocational school, before I go on to uni to do a BA in linguistics/a language. I have a passion for all arts and language, and am always trying to find ways to combine them. The languages I currently study are Finnish and Scottish Gaelic, and in the past I have studied Swedish, Icelandic, Maori, Kalaallisut, German, Spanish, French, and Russian.

The things I most enjoy photographing are wildlife and landscapes, although I do shoot a whole lot of other stuff too. Other artistic things I do include carving, calligraphy, music and theatre. My plan is to return to Europe to live and work, but for now I'm a poor student, so I'm stuck here for a while yet, working part time as a barista. On the plus side I learn good coffee making, which is a great skill for any artist :lol:.

I'm looking forward to being a member of this site, and hopefully I can learn some things, and teach some things, and just generally improve.

Cheers, Rob

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