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Dec 6, 2005
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Kansas City, MO
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Ok these are pics of a new pond my grandma had built at her farm which she calls Kimber Kamp in memory of her dad, in which she built herself a retirement and dream home which she's been dreaming about for along time. Where Family and friends can come and enjoy themselves and relax. In one of the pics you can see the back side of her house. Theres a really big pond in front of the house which is pretty awesome scenary. But the pond in my pictures is back in the old "oak grove" which was a big gluster of Oak Trees where she used to roam around and play at when she was a kid. Well heres a slideshow of all the pictures:

Let Me know if the link doesn't work and i'll edit this post with individual links to the pictures or whatever.

Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Your link works well. But the slideshow isn't displaying continuously. I will recommend dvd slideshow to you if you want to get a better slideshow.
The slideshow worked okay for me...
Nice composition, but I wonder if the pictures could not do with a little PS working with color adjustment, saturation and contrast? Just a thought and welcome to TPF!

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