Kitty took the bait! (Please exuse Newbie why is it so blurry?)


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May 4, 2006
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Southern California
You do funny games with your kitten here (and in the other).
I don't find this overly blurry, and what blur you got here is motion blur, I think.

Since you deliberately put up a white sheet for a background, do you happen to also have the cropped version of this photo which only shows the "bait" and kitten and shadow?
I think a cropped version would be great too. BTW..I can see someone's hand there :D

Could you possible bounce the flash to the ceiling too? A white paper in front of the flash to angle the flash up might do the trick if it is a fized lens. It may help with the picture by getting rid of the strong shadows.

Jus my 2 cents...which is actually only worth .75 cents with most conversion charts...

I DID PICTURES JUST LIKE THIS ABOUT A YEAR AGO! I even used the same kind of toy, and I had a sheet as the background (only it wasn't white, it was kinda of peachy colored)

And as LaFoto said, I don't find it overly blurry, either. Maybe bump the shutter speed a tad.
Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately I don't have an off camera flash yet. I switched from Nikon film camera to Canon digital and havent yet completed my wish (OK necessary) list. I need a Canon flash!
And the addiction begins :D

Try a simple trick of taking the back side of a business card in front of the flash in an angle to bounce the light to your ceiling.

Works fairly well in small rooms...without costing you a couple bills :D

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