kodak or fujifilm 400?


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Apr 30, 2006
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santa barbara ca
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i was told, that fujifilm brings out greens, and other grassy colors, and i was told, that kodak brings out yellows, and reds and blues. i don't really know if thats true. but my question to you (who ever cares) is, which in your opinoin is better, kodak 400 or fuji 400?

that is sort of true. It also depends on types, not just companies. Different films from the same companies are going to have different characteristic. The best way to find out is to buy a couple rolls of each and compare results. Personally I'm a fuji guy.
yah i like fuji too, but some of my last prints i did with that film, was a little grainy, and it was 400 speed. maybe they were a little under exposed.
anyway thanks
it really depends on the kind of film, the 400 Xtra from fuji is kind of balanced, while the 100 superia reala gets more reds, as darin said you should try different types of film even if they're the same brand, fuji has 2 100 ISO films the superia and the superia reala, don't really know if the xtra 400 has another one... now on kodak there are different types of iso 400 there's the ultra, portra... it all depends... the best way is to experiment with one and after you've got the feeling of the film change to anotherone...

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