Kodak Premo Junior Number 3: Film Pack Question


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Nov 16, 2013
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Upstate New York
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There doesn't appear to be a lot of information out there on this particular Premo model (Number 3).
Premo Junior #1, yes. Premo Junior #2, yes. But not Premo Junior #3.

Mike Butkus does not have the manual for this model but he has the others. And a Google search
will return the usual suspects, but no information on film pack usage.

Basically, I just picked up a Kodak Premo Junior Number 3. I've also picked up a few 1950s/60s
Kodak 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 film packs.

Question 1- Of course, Premo took Premo film packs but does it also take a Kodak film pack from
the 50s/60s?

Question 2- Would the Premo take an Ansco or other company's film pack of the same

Question 3- I don't believe an adapter is needed for this model, but if anyone knows different,
please advise.

I'm dreading wasting a film pack and finding out the hard way that it just ain't gonna work.

Thanks in advance!

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