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Mar 15, 2005
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Oh man is my digital lab orgasmic. I work there, so I get full access to about half a million dollars worth of digital imaging equipment. The lab is full of nearly 4ghz PC's with about 3 gigs of ram a piece and loaded with every piece of imaging software you could ask for. We've also got a number of G5 Macs fully loaded as well. In the scanner department, we have a Nikon Super CoolScan 9000 (which I use for most of my negative scanning), another CoolScan for doing batch scanning work, two Polaroid SprintScan scanners, about 10 very expensive Epson flatbed scanners, and a poster scanner. In the printing department, we've got an Epson 2200 and some high quality HP inkjet, both with very expensive RIPs, two color laser printers, and an HP 5500 (which can print 60 inches by however long the roll of paper is). We've also got a ProPalette, so we can print digital images onto 35mm or 120 film. And best of all, in a couple months we're getting all newer and better stuff, including a set of quad-processor G5 Macs with a gig of ram on each processor, and a new b&w dedicated epson inkjet.


and no, I'm not sorry for bragging.
i would like to have that, that is very nice. i'm pretty happy with my pc, but those printers and scanners...sheesh.

quick question, what is your avatar from? i've been wondering.
Sounds like you're having fun!! If you ever figure out the how and what of those bulk ink kits for an Epson 2400, let me know - my home printing is bankruptcy inducing!!


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