Labor day weekend wedding


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Aug 24, 2008
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So I co-shot this wedding (first time co-shooting) for a 'friend' that wanted someone with more experience to help out with her first wedding. I'm saving up for a D700 and use my old D70 for my portraiture and stuff, but I rent for weddings, but it simply it wasn't in the budget for this wedding. I knew the limitations of my camera and I made her aware of it too, but even with flash malfunctions and iso limitations I'm actually impressed with the quality my little old camera produced. For the actual ceremony it was in a fairly dark church with the rules we were allowed no flash and had to stand behind the congregation, we couldn't walk down the center aisle or even the side aisles, which was a first for me. I really did not like NOT being the lead photographer for many reasons. I hated not being able to be me. I am so friendly and involved with my bride and groom and their parents making sure they're happy and seeing if I can do anything. I like knowing the plan and talking with the bride ahead of time so I know what she wants and I couldn't here, there was a huge lack of communication and the blame of course landed on me, which aggravates me to no end bc I'm always certain my brides are happy. Either way it was a nice experience and more relaxing for me lol. Plus I was able to focus on getting the shots I wanted for my portfolio too. I also like on the editing front I didn't have to edit every ceremony photo or group shot lol and I was able to play around and take my time to find the post processing I like the most (i'll do some before and afters later). You can find the full set by clicking on any of the images and I'll post a few of my favs here.


super cute, loved the way they had these pops of color :)







love the juxtaposition of the classy heels and the scrunched bare feet lol.

Ok so there are more than a few lol enjoy and please any cc is welcome. One thing I know I need to work on, but for some reason only seem to remember in PP is I tend to cut off at the bottom too much and leave to much at the top. It's funny bc in my landscapes in college I did just the opposite lol.
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Nice work; some interesting poses and captures. There are rather too many images for which to provide individual critique, but I will make the comment that in general, you've got a major case of blown highlights in almost all of the whites. Fully understanding that this is one the challenges of the wedding photography trade, learning how to deal with is critical. My preferred method whenever possible is to use incident metering rather than reflective.
Thanks John and you're right, though in this set I'd say a lot of it is intentional of the PP, this was a time I got to play :) Though I will admit that this is something I do find a challenge, especially as if you get the dress right the skin is too dark or everything looks muddy and metering for a correct dress exposure when light changes just by turning around is definitely a challenge any tips and tricks are always welcome :)

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