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Lady in Red


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Aug 14, 2020
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Suzhou, China
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Lady in Red-LR.jpg

I made this image in Florence, Italy using a small, mirrorless Nikon N1AW1. I was walking back to the Air B&B that I was staying in and happened upon this. So, steadied the camera against the building on the right and shot 1/10th of a sec. at F4 at 400ISO. I would like to fix the lean at the left, but if I do, it crops into the light, which I want to keep in the frame. I also don't like the half of a plant on the left as well. Sometimes, I think you have to compromise and I love the spot of red within the image. Hope you like.
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You maybe want to post the full image. Many don't like to click to get bigger images.
Ah, can I revise or do I need to post again. Nooby-me... Ah! Figured it out. Many thanks for the suggestion!
In photoshop there is a way to straighten without crop.
Transition I think you select then you can pull in the top of the image to correct the lean
The half plant you could clone out.
Hiya back!

Very true, and I do this regularly, but you still have to crop because you're pulling the full image and it looks warped. Unless you are talking about a different technique, which I am always happy to learn.

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