Lady's Mantle


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Feb 16, 2006
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The attractive effect of rain on this plant is well known. More lousy weather sent me down the garden to get my shot of water droplets on the leaves. For more info go to

Ah. Are these actually called "Lady's Mantle" in English, too?
They are "Frauenmantel" in German, which means the same.
And we have plenty of those in our garden, and I have taken photos of this kind, too, of late. Should I share, or would you I rather start a thread of my own with my pic?
Thanks ... seems like I was not too happy with this year's (digital) pics of our Lady's Mantle, I must have deleted them all, can no longer find them, not even in my "Originals"-files. But I have always quite much liked my last year's photo, anyway, still taken with the film-SLR, and since you're inviting me to share, here you go:


I took this one as per my daughter's repeated desire I photograph the droplets for her, and had this as my wallpaper for quite some time afterwards ;).
Nice Corinna. Good contrast and shadows make it quite a different shot from mine. At this time of year I'd expect sun on my photography too, but it keeps appearing when I'm at work, then the heavens open at the weekend when I'm at home! A well, c'est la vie!

Regards, Tony

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