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LaFoto's Sister!!!!!

Happy birthday! I also send best wishes for your continuing recovery. :)
What a pity, only now do I have the time to come to TPF again, after Christiane has left for home ... she spent all of this weekend including today with me here, and we were out with the cameras both on Saturday and yesterday and spent most of her birthday going through our photos ... so much so that she almost missed her train home :shock: ... well, she did not miss her train, but her birthday "party" wasn't really any big one ... too many photos to be dealt with :( :wink: :biggrin:.

I'll let her know you are wishing her a Happy Birthday.
I tried to push her back to posting on here, but she says something like "Ah, internet forums ... not my thing really." My, she has so many wonderful photos, and I am sure the outcome of our weekend outings will bring MORE very nice photos, and she does not want to come back and post :roll: ... maybe when I tell her that you are still thinking of her, that you are wishing her a Happy Birthday, and that you haven't forgotten her, she might come back after all. I hope so!

She has recovered really well, by the way, and lost quite some weight, which is good and looks good on her! But she keeps telling us now what food is good for us and what is bad :roll: ... :biggrin: ... that is what you learn when you go the the rehab clinic... :D.

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