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lake swan

the real slim aidy

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May 12, 2006
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reading berkshire
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my first digital slr any good????

Hallo, you real slim aidy :D, and welcome to ThePhotoForum.
Whether your DSLR is a good one I cannot tell, all I can say that this is a nice PHOTO taken with - as I would assume - that very new DSLR :D.
Very crisp, perfect focus on the eye of this swan, who, however, looks at us like he would not want to be messed with! Whoa!
Very nice shot, I do like swans and I like this shot.

If it was my shot I would crop it in portrait format, but hey thats me.
If it is a 350D, it is a good one!
(I can't say otherwise, my own 350D is lying right next to me and she might get offended if I said otherwise, though why would I??? No reason to say ANYTHING against her!!! Congratulations! :D)

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