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  1. Hi all.

    What metering mode do you use when shooting landscapes? I'm thinking of using Partial Metering rather than Evaluative (I have a Canon dSLR.) I don't want to lose the sky should I actually have some good cloud cover, so I would prefer to spot-meter the sky at its darkest point. I'm confident I can still pick up the details of the landscape - I shoot raw, so I can extract most of it.

    Thoughts, comments?

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    I usually turn off the auto exposure and shoot manual the whole way. With digital, you can turn on the histogram or highlights and see what kind of light you're getting. Since you're shooting RAW, you can extract it like you said and that way you can make changes for lighting changes yourself rather than the camera doing it for you.
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    I use the segmented or center weighted. It doesn't really matter to me, because when I'm photographing landscape with digital I'm shooting in RAW, checking the histogram, and evaluating the exposure with that.

    When I shoot with film I use a handheld meter. Usually in incident mode to get a general reading of the light level, and spot to check where my shadows and highlights are falling.

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