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Landscape pic pricing

Depends upon size. I would charge all "non-commissioned" photos the same, and that's by size. Numbers people have thrown around is around 5x cost to you.
I start at $75. That's for the acid-free archival mounting/matting of an 11x14. You can frame it any way you like, but it's not getting eaten up by some bull**** cheapo mount.

+ $35 if it's an Ilfochrome
+ However much I feel my time and expense in the darkroom is.
+ Printing cost if it's RA-4 or pigment (inkjet).

+ Whatever the shot is worth to me. Is it something I'd be happy to reprint for the rest of eternity, or is it something I'll only do a run of a few prints?
There is a big difference between slapping a photo in a frame and having it professionally framed. And as mentioned, you might want to use archival materials, which are more expensive. It might cost $100+ just for the cost of framing (dependant on a lot of factors). You need to make your money on top of that cost.

I'd say to at least double your costs and more is better.

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